You’ve cleared the first hurdle; the divorce has been filed and legalized and the process with your Reno divorce lawyer seems over. You have divided your assets and, although a little bumpy, the road ahead looks clear.

Before you think this is the end of the line between you and your Reno divorce lawyer, don’t delete their number quite yet. There are many post-divorce issues that can require the advice and assistance of Reno NV family lawyers. 

Maybe you decide to remarry or want to move back to your home state with your child. These circumstances may require modifications to your child custody and child support among other issues. These post-divorce issues will require the assistance of Reno divorce lawyers. 

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family law renoRelocating With Your Child

If you are moving out of state, child custody and visitation are legal matters that will be affected.

Child Support Modification

Many things may cause your child support to be modified.

  • Remarriage

If a spouse decides to remarry, this can affect a variety of legal issues including child support, visitation and inheritance.

  • Children’s expenses

Child’s expenses may change after a Reno NV divorce.  The cost of health insurance may increase, the children are now participating in extra-curricular activities or the cost or the cost of child care, are just a few examples of expenses that are generally equally divided between the parents.

  • Change of Circumstances

This can include change of employment, residence, relationships and more. Also, every three years, child support may be reviewed and modified.  Additionally, if there has been an increase or decrease of income by 20%, the Court may review and modify child support.

Estate or Property Distribution

Unresolved joint property issues can take a long time to resolve. Also, how property is to be distributed may need to be revised after divorce. To accurately reflect the wishes of each party, wills and trusts may have to be updated.

Special Circumstances in Spousal Support

Spousal support may change after a divorce according to new development with either person. Certain circumstances may allow for an alimony order to be modified.

These can include:

  • A new job
  • Losing a job
  • Remarriage

Get Post-Divorce Legal Help With a Reno Divorce Lawyer

When these post-divorce issues arise, a Reno divorce attorney and family lawyers in Reno NV can help advise you on how to proceed and offer legal representation. Don’t struggle through these issues alone, let your trusted Reno divorce lawyer assist you in your post-divorce issues.

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