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Divorce mediation is for divorcing parties who cannot resolve their differences by themselves or would like assistance from a divorce attorney in coming to a compromise. One of the most frequently used methods of negotiating a divorce settlement out-of-court, divorce lawyers in Reno can help ease tensions between spouses, encourage amicable outcomes, and save time and money.  

Divorce mediation is not only for couples who get along well and already agree on most issues. The purpose of mediation is to benefit all parties involved, even those with a contentious relationship. Mediation is about compromise and dispute resolution. There wouldn’t be a need for mediation if couples always saw eye-to-eye.

An experienced divorce mediator such as Reno NV family lawyers and divorce lawyers can help spouses reach amicable solutions and avoid stressful litigation. Here are some ways that a divorce mediator can assist in your divorce:

Mediation In a Contested Divorce

If a divorce is contested, and going through the courts, the court will ONLY refer the parties to mediation to assist with a parenting plan. The courts do not offer referrals to mediation for a divorce without children.

Family lawyers in Reno, NV are trained to help you and your spouse do what is best for your children, and devise a comprehensive co-parenting plan. Your mediator can help parties agree on a custody schedule, holiday schedule, transportation arrangements, out-of-state travel, and resolutions to other issues that frequently come up in the co-parenting relationship.

Mediation in an Uncontested Divorce

child support vs child custody, divorce attorney, child support lawyerIf parties can do an uncontested divorce, the parties are able to mediate through Reno divorce lawyers to complete a Joint Petition. It is also possible if both parties have an attorney, to mediate through the attorneys to reach a resolution.

In order for a divorce mediation to be successful, both parties need to participate in good faith, and be willing to negotiate until a mutually satisfiable compromise is reached. Divorce mediators do not make decisions for the parties involved, but only guide them to reach a resolution together.

Once negotiations are finished, the divorce attorney can write up an agreement. These documents will be included in your divorce paperwork and will become part of your divorce judgement, meaning they will be enforced by a court if not followed.

Mediation is a process, that requires the ability of both parties to discuss issues and reach a full agreement; in addition to patience.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Mediation is beneficial because it reduces the conflict between parties and is focused on resolution. Here are some other benefits of divorce mediation:

  • Mediation is much less expensive and time-consuming than a trial or hearing
  • You can resolve and divide your assets and property
  • Mediation puts your children first
  • You and your spouse control the outcome
  • Mediation is confidential and private
  • It helps to preserve peace between the parties
  • Mediators do not take sides

Finding Family Lawyers in Reno NV

Anyone involved in a divorce should consider mediation as an option. As an experienced Reno family law attorney, Erin Grieve has experience in divorce cases as well as extensive knowledge of divorce law in Nevada, and can offer you unparalleled service as a divorce mediator. Talk to Reno divorce lawyers today for a solutions-based approach that focuses on reducing tensions and encouraging compromise.

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