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    Erin N. Grieve practices family law advocacy in Northern Nevada and is an experienced, talented, and among the most committed family, child support, and divorce attorneys Reno has to offer. She works for the interests of her clients by presenting an organized case on their behalf. Put the interests of your child first and mitigate vengeful acts with a Reno divorce lawyer who is highly experienced in areas such as child support, child custody, and divorce.


    If you are in the middle of a divorce, caught in child custody disputes, or struggling with a serious family law conflict, it doesn’t have to be messy. A Reno divorce lawyer like Erin N. Grieve will focus on conflict resolution, mediation, and amicable negotiations.

    About Our Reno Divorce Attorney

    Areas of Practice

    Family Law

    family law reno

    With the necessary experience to understand what to expect in these complex situations, Erin is a trusted family law attorney in Reno who can represent your family in times of heavy crisis or internal dispute.

    • Litigation
    • Protection Orders
    • Legal Separation in Nevada
    • Child Support Review


    family law reno

    Reno collaborative divorce lawyers offer trusted guidance that can help you achieve the best possible outcome and walk you through the process from start to finish. 90-95% of divorce cases are settled prior to trial.

    • Joint Petition
    • Complaint for Divorce
    • Asset Allocation
    • Child/Spousal Support

    Child Custody

    family law reno

    Child custody and visitation rights are delicate matters. Let a child support attorney with experience in child custody handle the details.

    • Custody
    • Visitation
    • Relocation
    • Establishing Paternity
    • Modification of Custody

    Divorce Attorney in Reno, NV

    The Erin N. Grieve Law Philosophy

    I’m one of the few family and child support lawyers in the Reno, NV area who provides quality legal representation at an affordable price. I believe in having a strong lawyer-client relationship as I will be providing representation and guidance during one of the most difficult times of life for my clients. I believe that my lawyer-client relationships are like a partnership, both parties working towards the same goal. Family lawyers and divorce attorneys need to have the ability to listen rather than simply hearing. I am an active listener and focus on hearing my client’s goals, hesitations, and overall concerns at the inception and throughout representation.

    Reno divorce lawyer Erin Grieve

    Reno Divorce Lawyer

    History Behind
    Erin N. Grieve

    After working for the Nevada Legislature during the 2015 session, Erin N. Grieve began working for a niche family law firm in Reno, Nevada. From that experience, she was immersed with varying family law issues and cases. Within that firm she gained knowledge and experience practicing in other counties, giving her a solid foundation and rapport with judges in rural counties and within Washoe County. When the opportunity presented itself to open her own Reno family law firm, she gladly accepted and jumped in feet first. Because of this, Erin N. Grieve is considered one of the top family and collaborative divorce lawyers in Reno, NV. Since opening her own law firm, she has had the opportunity to be more flexible with her clientele, the fees she charges, and the payment plans her law firm provides.

    “I love practicing family law. I love being able to provide guidance, assistance and support to my clients during this difficult time.”

    Family Lawyer & Child Support Attorney

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    What will I get from a consult?

    Legal advice from divorce attorneys in Reno can be expensive. However, quality legal advice is priceless. Because Erin is one of the few family lawyers in Reno, NV who provides quality representation at a nominal cost, she is a top choice in the area. Advice is an intangible commodity, but well worth your time to seek. A consultation with Erin N. Grieve will help begin the legal process.

    After a consultation, you will understand four things:

    1. You will understand the legal issues you’re involved in.
    2. You will know your options on how to move forward.
    3. You will be provided a likely outcome specific to your case.
    4. You will be advised of your legal rights and what you are legally entitled to (assets, debts, retirement accounts, spousal support, child support, etc.).

    With the information you are given from our Reno divorce attorney, you will have the understanding where your case is procedurally and understand what the legal process is specific to your case.

    Erin N. Grieve uses her law experience from Washoe County and other rural counties. As your go-to Reno family, divorce, and child support lawyer, she will provide you with a specific evaluation regarding your legal issue depending on what county your case originates.

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