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Matters of the family can be some of the most difficult and personal to resolve. When it comes to legal representation, Erin N. Grieve is among the few Reno, NV family lawyers you can truly trust to get the case resolved as amicably as possible. With a greater understanding of the grievances her clients endure during such a process, Erin provides compassionate service to families in all facets. She will advocate for you with confidence and conviction to deliver a favorable outcome that represents the best interests of your family.

Erin N. Grieve handles dispute, divorce, and child custody cases across Northern Nevada as one of the top family divorce lawyers in Reno, NV. Whether you need to negotiate a settlement agreement, file an uncontested divorce, or even go to court, she will help you solve your legal problems in a fast and cost-effective manner with her years of experience as a family child support lawyer.

family law attorney reno nv


Family law litigation refers to the process of handling all disputes between married or other court recognized relationships among two parties that are going through a legal separation. In the state of Nevada, mediation is mandatory before any litigation may occur. If differences cannot be sorted out during this time, then the case will be presented in court. Litigation may be necessary even after divorce or separation are finalized depending on various factors.

Family law litigation involves anything that requires trial or evidentiary hearing. Trial preparation, witness preparation, and documentary evidence are just a few of the services litigation requires.

family law attorney reno nv

Protection Orders

Protection orders, also often referred to as restraining orders, are intended to help protect a person, object, business, or other entity from harm brought on by another. For both domestic relationships and civil, this can order the party to stay away from certain areas, refrain from contact, or comply with other restrictions. This can be especially important when children are involved.

If you’re in need of a protective order, don’t hesitate to contact family lawyer Erin Grieve for help. We ensure that your safety and the safety of your family is our number one priority.

family law attorney reno nv

Legal Separation

Legal separation in Nevada acts as an alternative to divorce. It allows a married couple to separate while still being legally married. This gives couples a chance to work through their differences while maintaining marital benefits, such as insurance coverage and financial security. Commonly used in mental/addiction cases, a legal separation can be dissolved at any time.

family law attorney reno nv

Child Support vs Child Custody

Child support is continual payment made for the financial care of your children and is dependent on the type of custody agreement. Custody determines which parent is legally and physically responsible for the child on a day to day basis.* Erin Grieve is a family child support lawyer who strives to advocate in the child’s best interests above all and is passionate about providing a safe and nurturing environment.

Child-Centric 7-Step Approach
to Child Custody, Visitation, and Family Law:

  1. Consultation – answer all questions, explain the process, evaluate the case, determine probabilities on return, and the best case and worst-case scenario.
  2. Fee agreement – defining the scope of the relationship and how to implement a plan to meet client goals.
  3. File Pleadings – are case-specific and include filing a divorce, motion to modify, and filing necessary legal documents.
  4. Schedule hearing – dependent on case and needs.
  5. Present case and negotiate – argue the case with the judge and opposing party. Parties are free to come to a settlement. If they fail to reach a settlement, then a determination will be made by the judge.
  6. Judicial Determination – a judicial officer presides over the hearing.
  7. Settlement – it’s better for you to reach a settlement to make the best determination for your child as opposed to a judge making it for you. But if a settlement is not reached, the judge will determine it for you.


If you are in the middle of a divorce, caught in child custody disputes, or struggling with a serious family law conflict, you’re not alone. A Reno family lawyer, like Erin N. Grieve, will focus on conflict resolution, mediation, and amicable negotiations for the best outcomes possible.

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*Child support is reviewable through an agency every 3 years and is based on income. If child custody is modified, then child support will be re-adjudicated as well.

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