family law attorney, child support lawyerChild support is dictated by the type of custody parties share: joint physical custody or one parent having primary physical custody of the minor child. Child support is generally established through a Decree of Divorce, or Order Establishing Paternity; or through the Washoe County District Attorney’s Office. Child support is most commonly paid to the receiving parent by way of wage garnishment, collected by the State of Nevada Child Support Division. Child Support is reviewable for modification every three (3) years. However, child support is modifiable when there has been a change in custody or there has been a change in income of the paying parent of 20% (increase or decrease). Schedule a consultation with a child support lawyer to discuss the conditions of child support.

Some situations where child support would be eligible for modification:
  • A parent’s income increases or decreases by at least 20%
  • A parent experiences a job loss or change
  • The noncustodial parent is legally responsible for additional children
  • The child’s medical insurance coverage has changed
  • Education cost increases for the child

How To Change a Child Support Order

Depending on how your child support action was established, and if a wage garnishment is currently in place, it is easy to request a modification of child support through the District Attorney’s Office. It is best to consult with your divorce attorney/child support lawyer prior to requesting a modification of child support to ensure that your case is ready for modification.

Reno NV Child Support Lawyer

For assistance through the process, or if a spouse refuses to share documents, a child support lawyer can help you file your motion and support you in court. To learn more about child support modification, schedule a consultation with a child support lawyer at Erin N. Grieve Law.

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